On-Loading with Broken Ball Joint or Missing Wheel

Equipment Needed
Work Gloves
Ratchet Straps
Bridal Chains
Ball-joint block
Aluminum Jack


In this part 1 of 2 lecture, we’ll be demonstrating how to on-load a vehicle with a broken ball joint, or a missing wheel. This one is a little bit more challenging, but if you follow along with me step by step you can see that it’s nothing but an abstract recipe that you can nail down with some practice and guidance. Let’s go ahead and dive in. 

The only way to handle these properly is to take the wheel off. If you don’t, odds are you are going to damage the vehicle. 

Step 1: Jack the vehicle up, and take the wheel off using your 4-way. (Tip: The bolts can be very tight, leave the tire on the ground when trying to break them loose so the tire isn’t spinning with your efforts.)

Step 2: Once the bolts are loose, you can lift the vehicle higher to be able to remove the wheel fully.

Step 4: Replace the wheel with your ball-joint block. 

Step 5: Make sure your PTO is engaged.

Step 6: Now, begin hooking the vehicle as you would for any basic towing scenario.

Step 7: Winch the vehicle onto your truck. Keep an eye on the ball-joint block as it slides onto the bed. Sometimes it will catch, and if it does you can shove a skate underneath for easy on-loading.

“If the ball joint block turns side-ways when on-loading the vehicle, use your jack stand to jack up the vehicle, and re-adjust your block.”

Step 8: Once the vehicle is on-loaded, perform a 4-point tie down. For the wheel that is off, strap the brake rotor. (See video for specifics)

Step 9: Slide the bed up and disengage your PTO.

“Never forget to dis-engage your PTO. If you decide to drive off, it tears up the transmission in the truck and you won’t be happy.”

Step 10: Put away all of your tools and equipment. 

Practice makes perfect on these types of jobs. Don’t be afraid to do so before going out on the job, that way when people are watching, you know what you’re doing and don’t feel uncomfortable.