On-Loading a Car with Skates

Equipment Needed
Work Gloves
Ratchet Straps
Bridal Chains

In this part 1 of 2 video, we review how to tow a vehicle using skates. Skates are a set of tools that are used for a scenario when the vehicle will not roll (keys are lost, car stuck in gear).

Follow along and master your skating technique.

Step 1: Once your PTO is engaged and the bed is set in place, we need to get our skates underneath of the vehicle’s front tires. To do this, I prefer to use your had to push on the tire and rock the vehicle back and fourth until I can shove the skate in there. If that doesn’t work you can also use a hammer to hammer it in.

Step 2: Hook the vehicle from its normal hook points. (There are apps out there that can help you with this)

Step 3: Now, slowly winch the vehicle onto the bed. When winching a car with skates onto a flatbed, I tend to not pull it as far up the bed as I would for a normal tow. The reason being is that I’m going to have to get it off of there, and sliding a vehicle backwards on skates can be a challenge.

“The less skating I have to do, the better off I’m going to be”
Step 4: Perform your 4-point tie down method.

Step 5: Slide the bed up, then tilt it down setting it in place nice and easy. Do not bang the bed around. It look unprofessional, and it’s hard on the equipment.

Step 6: Prepare for vehicle transport, you’re ready to go. 

That’s it for on-loading a vehicle with skates onto a flat bed tow truck. Move on over to the next video where we’ll be off-loading this customer’s vehicle.