Off-Loading a Truck

Equipment Needed
Work Gloves
Ratchet Straps
Bridal Chains
Cluster Straps

In this part 2 of 2 video, we review the process of towing a truck or van. Once again, this process for the most part is going to be the reversed version of our part 1, on-loading.

Step 1: Engage the PTO.

Step 2: Slide, then tilt the bed back enough so that you can remove the rear cluster straps.

Step 3: Once the rear cluster straps are removed you can now put the ICU bumper on the ground and slide the bed the rest of the way back.

“I know this step by step can make it all sound so simple. I’ve been doing this for 28 years and I can tell you that I know NOTHING goes as smooth as you plan it, but remember that’s the fun part of what we do, especially as we get better at it. Another thing, don’t ever be afraid to call the shop and ask questions. We encourage our operators to send photos of a situation If they aren’t confident in their ability to execute it. Most of the time we can guide you through it, if not, we’ll send someone out to help”

Step 4: Winch the truck forward enough so that you can take off your J-Chains. Remove both, and put them away.

Step 5: Now, slowly winch the vehicle down the bed until all four tires have reached the concrete.

Step 6: Put the vehicle in park. (Take off your gloves when entering the customer’s vehicle)

Step 7: Give yourself some slack in the winch, then remove the hooks from the vehicle’s frame. Winch bridal chains back onto your bed, slide the bed forward, then tilt it.

“Never tilt the bed as you’re sliding it. Especially if there’s a vehicle on top if it, you’re putting more stress on the equipment.”

Step 8:  Re-stage your truck for the next call and disengage the PTO.

I cannot stress the importance of having a properly stage tow truck. We’re emergency vehicles, it’s important that we are prepared and ready to go, just as a fireman would be for house on fire. You’re called in a time of need and your professionalism will save lives.