Off-Loading a Low Car

Equipment Needed
Work Gloves
Ratchet Straps
Bridal Chains

In this part two video, we’re going to be off-loading the low car that we had just on-loaded. Let’s jump in here and get this done like a pro.

Step 1: Engage your PTO and prepare the ramps.

Step 2: Next, begin sliding the bed back, tilt it, and begin un-doing your 4-point tie down straps. (Re-stage your straps as you go so that once the car is off-loaded you’re ready to head out.)

Step 3: Roll the bed all the way out onto your ramps. Line them up, lower the bed.

Step 4: Slowly winch the vehicle down to the end of the bed.

Step 5: Make sure the tires are aligned with the ramps. You can do this again when the front tires reach the ramps.

Step 6: Once the front tires have reached the ramps, it’s likely that it will not roll down them. Do not push the car. Put some slack in your wire rope then slowly reverse the vehicle. (Take your gloves off when getting in and out of the vehicle)

Step 7: After the the vehicle is off-loaded and in park, you can take the chains off.

Step 8: Re-stage your truck and get ready for the next call!

“The key with what I’m showing you is to practice some of these things. If you practice them and work on the systems I’m teaching you you’ll be on your way to becoming a really good tow truck driver.”