Distance Training

Many say that when the headlights disappear, but for some vehicles by that time you would have already taken the grill off. In this video, I review with you a trick that makes it so your bed is hitting the customer’s tires every time.

Why this matters
You look like you’ve been doing this for years.
Operate more efficiently.
Avoid a damage claim.

How to do it
Step 1: Put the bed all the way out as if you were going to on-load a vehicle.
Step 2: Roughly measure the distance using your steps from the end of the bed to your tire. (In this video, mine was seven)
Step 3: Now, from the front of your customer’s tire, take the same amount of steps out and drop your gloves. 
Step 4: Back your truck up to align your tire with your gloves. 
Step 5: Proceed to slide the bed back and watch as it slides right underneath of the customer’s tires. 

Show up looking like a pro, even if you’ve never towed before.