Basic Tow (On-Loading)

Equipment Needed
Work Gloves
Ratchet Straps
Bridal Chains

In this video, we’re going to review how to tow a vehicle in a very basic situation. 
The first thing you want to do is refer to our distance training video so that you can back up to the vehicle properly. 

Engage the PTO. (See “PTO and Bed Controls” video for reference)
Next, before you begin sliding the bed back, what I recommend doing is what I call “staging your winch.” I do not recommend free-wheeling (Disengaging the winch).

• Unwind the winch a couple of feet with one arm.

• Stage the bed. At the end of your bed, place the winch hooks near the hook points on each side. This will make it easier for you when you go to hook the car, your hooks and chains will be waiting for you right where you need them.

• Place the bed as close as you can to the tires of the vehicle. 

• Hook the vehicle. This Mustang has round hook points on the control arm for me to hook too. Look for something similar.

• Put the car in neutral and straighten the tires. (With your gloves off)

• Now, using your controls slowly winch/pull the vehicle onto the bed, watching the tires as they roll forward.

• Understand your ratchet straps. (See our part two equipment video for explanation)

• Strap the tires. 10 & 2 on all four. Strap them tight, but do not damage the tire. 

• Final walk through.

• You do not need to put the car in park. With a correct 4-point tie-down that car is going nowhere. I’ve had more guys hurt themselves climbing up onto the bed than the cars slipping from this this down system. 

That’s it for this video, follow along into the next as we begin to off-load the vehicle mentioned above.