Basic Tow (Off-Loading)

In this part two video, we’re off-loading the vehicle we previously on-loaded. This is a very basic scenario, and my step by step training for executing it like a professional.

Step 1: First thing’s first, engage your PTO.

Step 2: Next, Ask your customer where they’d like you to off-load the vehicle. It’s a courtesy to the customer.

Step 3: Tilt the bed back, and place the bed’s support arm on the ground so that it’s stable.

Step 4: From here, begin to disengage your straps and re-stage them. Tuck them in, so that they’re not flapping in the breeze.

Step 5: Using the controls, slide the bed all the way to the ground. (Tip: Do not slide it, gently place)

Step 6: Now, winch the car off the bed. Do not get on the bed and drive the car off. People do it. I don’t. 

Step 7: Put the car in park. 

Step 8: Take your chains off the vehicle.

Step 9: Roll the bed back and dis-engage the PTO.

Step 10: Re-stage the chains on your truck. I prefer them on the drivers side, that’s my preference.

You’re ready to go, keep up the pace, take control of the situation and have fun with it. I’ll see you in the next video!